2013-2014 Papers

2013-2014 Papers

Energy & Environmental Law
Paper Series


March 2014
Essential Tool, Harmless Distraction, or Unintended Consequence: An Analysis of the Benefit Corporation and its Potential Impact on the Renewable Energy Sector
by Kate D’Ambrosio

February 2014
United States LNG Exports: The Current Legal and Economic Landscape
by Yousef Rahman

January 2014
Dominion’s Renewable Generation Pilot Program: A Critical Analysis
by Spencer Piatt

November 2013
Community and Virtual Net Metering: Overcoming Barriers to Distributed Generation
By: Shannon Huecker

October 2013
Deployment of Solar Energy in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study
by Aljohara Alhouti

Fracking the Marcellus Shale
by Jeffery Higgins

September 2013
Exploring Federal Jurisdiction of the Siting and Development of Renewable Energy Projects on Private Lands
by Mickey Leibner

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