Current Issue

Volume 12, Number 1 | Spring 2021


Elias Kohn, Mitigating PG&E’s Wildfire Ignitions: A Framework for Environmental
Resilience and Economic Stimulus

Dr. Waseem Ahmad Qureshi, International Law and the Threat of Water Wars


Molly E. Behan, The Fade of Efficient Cap and Trade: Bankruptcy’s Undermining of the Renewable Fuel Standard and Other Cap-and-Trade Programs 

Michael Billotti, Risky Business: Implementing Meaningful, Quantified Climate Change Risk Disclosures 

Audrey Carroll, The Other Side of the (Bit)Coin: Solutions for the United States to Mitigate the Energy Consumption of Cryptocurrency 

Emily N. Donahoe, Rising Seas and Rising Tensions: Encouraging Managed Retreat Strategies During the Calm Between Storms 

Jeremy A. Freiman, Not All Water Is Good for a Reactor Core: Why the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Should Embrace the Science of Climate Change in Plant Siting and Renewal Licensing 

Matthew Obeid, Charting a Sustainable Path Forward for California Investor-Owned Utilities Subject to Wildfire Liabilities