Current Issue


Volume 13, Number 1 | Spring 2022


John P. Vail, The Need for a Sustainability Pledge: Fighting Planned Obsolescence

Jan G. Laitos, Replacing the Standard Algorithm for Environmental Law

Laura Cahier, Environmental Justice in the United Nations Human Rights System: Challenges and Opportunities for the Protection of Indigenous Women’s Rights Against Environmental Violence


Hannane Amanpour, What the Recent NEPA Overhaul Has Made Abundantly Clear: The Federal Government Is Failing to Adequately Consider Environmental Justice Concerns 

Laura Killalea, “Horrible Outcomes for Pigs and Humans Alike”: North Carolina’s Right to Farm Law as an Unconstitutional Taking of Property Near Pork Production Facilities

Divina Li, Do Grid Operators Dream of Electric Seams?: Coordinating Interregional Transmission Stakeholders to Improve Energy Deliverability