Volume 7, Number 1 | Winter 2016

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 7, Number 1 | Winter 2016


The Clean Power Plan: Testing the Limits of Administrative Law and the Electric Grid

by Emily Hammond and Richard J. Pierce Jr.

Hey Now, Let’s Be Social: The Social Cost of Carbon and the Case for Its Inclusion in the Government’s Procurement of Electricity

by Jason Robert Hull

NEPA – Substantive Effectiveness Under a Procedural Mandate: Assessment of Oil and Gas EISs in the Mountain West

by John Ruple and Mark Capone

Regulation, Technology, and Water: “Buy-In” as a Precondition for Effective Real-Time Advanced Monitoring, Compliance, and Enforcement

by Cameron Holley and Darren Sinclair

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: Accountability, Plausible Deniability, Model Rule 1.13, and the Role of Corporate Counsel in an Age of Enhanced Monitoring

by Irma S. Russell


Addressing the Fissures in Causation Claims: A Case Against the Use of Lone Pine Orders as Procedural Hurdles in Hydraulic Facturing Litigation

by Michelle Sliwinski

Crisis in California: The Need for Statewide Comprehensive Groundwater Management

by Taylor Thornburgh