Volume 7, Number 2 | Spring 2016

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 7, Number 2 | Spring 2016


Designing More Effective Rules and Permits

by David A. Hindin and Jon D. Silberman

Rethinking Reflexive Law for the Information Age: Hybrid and Flexible Regulation by Disclosure

by Rónán Kennedy

Navigating the Legal Landscape for Environmental Monitoring by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

by Anastasia Telesetsky

Perspective Piece: Water Management for Smart Cities: Implications of Advances in Real-Time Sensing, Information Processing, and Algorithmic Controls

by Lee P. Breckenridge


Before the Taps Run Dry: Incentivizing Water Sustainability in America’s Craft Breweries

by David Edmonds

A New “Sunshine State”? Evaluating Minnesota’s Value of Solar Tariff Methodology

by Addison O. Miller