Volume 2, Number 1 | Winter 2011

Volume 2, Number 1 | Winter 2011

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 2, Number 1 | Winter 2011


Legal Issues in Financing Energy Efficiency: Creative Solutions for Funding the Initial Capital Costs of Investments in Energy Efficiency Measures
by James M. Van Nostrand

Creating Law for Next Generation Energy Technologies
by Adrian J. Bradbrook

Fossil Aquifers: A Common Heritage of Mankind
by Renee Martin-Nagle

Energy and Climate Change: Key Lessons for Implementing the Behavioral Wedge
by Amanda R. Carrico, Michael P. Vandenbergh, Paul C. Stern,
Gerald T. Gardner, Thomas Dietz, & Jonathan M. Gilligan

Who Will Reap From FLEEEP? Gaining New Federal Contracting Business Under Obama’s Executive Order on Federal Agency Sustainability
by Jim Bruce

Resuscitating Erin Brockovich After the BP Oil Spill: Carving Out an Exception to the Class Action Fairness Act for Environmental Disaster Suits
by Drew Cohen

Go Offshore Young Man! The Categorical Exclusion Solution to Offshore Wind Farm Development on the Outer Continental Shelf
by Nathaniel C. Giddings

Sustainable Solutions: An Integrated Approach to REDD Project Planning
by Sarah McKim

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