Volume 2, Number 2 | Summer 2011

Volume 2, Number 2 | Summer 2011

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 2, Number 2 | Summer 2011


Hubris and Humility in Environmental Law
by Madeline June Kass

The Sustainable Development Principle in United States Environmental Law
by Michael P. Healy

Making Sand Castles as the Tide Comes In: Legal Aspects of Climate Justice
by Elizabeth Burleson

Explosions in the (Suburban) Sky: Maneuvering the Legal and Regulatory Pitfalls of Urban Gas Drilling
by Richard V. Doan

Perspective Pieces

Throwing Precaution to the Wind: NEPA and the Deepwater Horizon Blowout
by Sandra Zellmer, Joel Mintz, and Robert Glicksman

Climate Risks and Opportunities: Business Implications of Climate Change
by David John Frenkil

Student Notes

Pacific Gas & Electric Revisited: Federal Preemption of State Nuclear Moratoria
by Richard Harper

Clearing the Air: A Comparison of Regulatory Frameworks for Siting Wind Farms
by Ophir Stemmer

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