Volume 3, Number 1 | Winter 2012

Volume 3, Number 1 | Winter 2012

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 3, Number 1 | Winter 2012


Efficiency in the Regulatory Crucible: Navigating 21st Century ‘Smart’ Technology and Power
by Steven Ferrey

Pouring Out Our Soils: Facing the Challenge of Poorly Defined Property Rights in Subsurface Pore Space for Carbon Capture and Storage
by Kenneth R. Richards, Joice Chang, Joanna E. Allerhand, & John Rupp

The Marriage of Russian Gas and Germany’s Energy Needs: Do the Environment and the Baltic Sea Fisheries Have a Place in the Wedding Party?
by Itzchak Kornfeld

Revisiting the WTO Shrimps Case in the Light of Current Climate Protectionism: A Developing Country Perspective
by Dr. Pallavi Kishore

Perspective Pieces

Hoping for Minor Catastrophes: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Emergency Planning Regulations
by Adam Dobson

A Primer on Demand Response and a Critique of FERC Order 745
by Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

E-Waste Exports: Why the National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship Does Not Go Far Enough
by Timothy Whitehouse

Student Notes

Frack to the Future: Considering a Strict Liability Standard for Hydraulic Fracturing Activities
by Leonard S. Rubin

EqualiTEA: A Proposal for the Next Federal Surface Transportation Bill to Help Address Poverty and Climate Change
by Michael Smith

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