Volume 3, Number 2 | Summer 2012

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 3, Number 2 | Summer 2012


Perspectives on Forty Years of Environmental Law
by Denis Binder

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Looking to Green Governance for a Remedy
by Ryan James Albrecht

“Trust, but Verify”: Ensuring the Accuracy of Carbon Credits Registered Under the Clean-Development Mechanism
by Cecilia Nardelli

Lessons from the Communications Industry in Standard Setting for the Smart Grid
by Rena Steinzor and Shana Jones

Perspective Pieces

Achieving Deep Integration Between the Climate-Change and Energy Agendas: Some Reflections on the EU Approach

by Javier de Cendra de Larragán

A Sticky Situation: Oil Sands, Alternative Fuels, Energy Security, and the EISA Section 526 Petroleum-Procurement Problem
by Jonathan Dowling

Student Notes

A Right to Wind? Promoting Wind Energy by Limiting the Possibility of Nuisance Litigation
by Joseph Haupt

A State Out of Water: How a Comprehensive Groundwater-Management Scheme Can Prevent the Imminent Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer
by Emilie T. Pinkham

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