Volume 4, Number 2 | Summer 2013

Volume 4, Number 2 | Summer 2013

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 4, Number 2 | Summer 2013


Natural Gas Fracking Addresses All of Our Major Problems
by Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

The Clean Water Act, Climate Change, and Energy Production: A Call for Principled Flexibility Regarding “Existing Uses”
by Robin Kundis Craig

Can the Clean Water Act Succeed as an Ecosystem Protection Law?
by Holly Doremus & A. Dan Tarlock

Wetlands Regulation in an Era of Climate Change: Can Section 404 Meet the Challenge?
by Alyson C. Flournoy & Allison Fischman

History of the 1972 Clean Water Act: The Story Behind How the 1972 Act Became the Capstone on a Decade of Extraordinary Environmental Reform
by N. William Hines

Avoiding the Next Deepwater Horizon: The Need for Greater Statutory Restrictions on Offshore Drilling off the Arctic Coast of Alaska
by G. Alexander Robertson

A Rare Opportunity: Streamlining Permitting for Rare Earth Materials Within the United States
by Nichole Clagett

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