Volume 5, Number 2 | Summer 2014

Volume 5, Number 2 | Summer 2014

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 5, Number 2 | Summer 2014


Green Siting for Green Energy

by Amy Morris, Jessica Owley, and Emily Capello

Balancing Economic and Environmental Goals in Distributed Generation Procurement: A Critical Analysis of California’s Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM)

by Jessica Wentz

Relieving the Congestion: The Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative

by Michelle Bailey


Promoting Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy and Managing Environmental Risk: Toward an Adaptive Management Strategy

by Molly A. Masterton

How to Save the Tortoises: Incorporating Wildlife Concerns in Siting of the Utility-Scale Solar Farms

by Hina Gupta

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