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4 days ago
In celebration of Earth Day JEEL is previewing one of our upcoming articles! We are pleased to present Ms. Schaefer’s novel approach for establishing the legal standing of nature, keep an eye out for it in issue 9.2! https://t.co/ZFR3mWjdM8 https://t.co/df0GRChWh3 gwjeel photo
5 days ago
Check out our latest post from Prof. Donna Attanasio concerning a PURPA roadmap for Microgrids!

https://t.co/r2hYdBos6s https://t.co/tmFDy9SvjD
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5 months ago
Interesting...does anyone agree?

7 months ago
We tweet (and retweet) about issues in energy and environmental law. Check out our website and connect with us! https://t.co/GhFtgfBXMt
7 months ago
Fun fact of the day! https://t.co/T5ilbFbpV8
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US Department of the Interior @Interior
#DYK: A group of resting otters is called a raft. More fun otter facts & photos → https://t.co/td1CYh0pFe https://t.co/f9rFjb7B8Q