Publication Process

JEEL is looking for articles to publish in Volume 12.

Articles should:
1. Be related to energy or environmental law;
2. Concern a relevant issue to practitioners;
3. Have an original, discernible thesis;
4. Be properly substantiated with footnotes;
5. Be written by a practitioner or GWU LLM student*;
6. Have an approximate word count between 8,000 and 20,000 words.
If you are interested in having your article published in JEEL Volume 12, please send your article, resume/CV (required), and cover letter (optional) to Check out previous issues in our Archived Issues (Volume 11 coming soon).

*It is JEEL's long-standing policy to not publish student work outside of GW JEEL members and GW LLM students. This includes work written during the non-GW JD or LLM candidate's course of study and submitted after the author has received their JD or LLM.