General Student Competition
In March, JEEL conducts a joint writing competition with other GW Law journals for new members. This competition is the only opportunity for GW students to compete for membership on JEELJEEL will conduct information sessions at least two weeks prior to this year’s competition date.

To be eligible to participate in this competition, students must have completed or be in the process of completing two semesters of classes at GW Law and be able to serve on JEEL for four semesters before graduation. Accordingly, the following students are eligible to participate in this competition:

  • Full-time students currently in their first year.
  • Part-time students currently in their first year and who will be changing to full-time status for the coming year.
  • Part-time students currently in their second year.

The majority of JEEL’s new members will be chosen on the basis of weighted scores: the student’s grade-point average during the first year and the student’s performance in the writing competition. The JEEL editorial board may also choose to accept new members solely based on the student’s performance in the writing competition or the student’s stated interest in energy and environmental law.

Transfer Student Competition
In late August or early September, a writing competition may be held for newly-admitted transfer students. JEEL may conduct an information session shortly before the competition date.

Editorial Board Competition
In late January or early February, the current editors conduct a competition for members interested in serving on the editorial board for the following year. The competition assesses articles editing, note editing, managing editing, and bluebooking skills. Each competing member may be interviewed by the editorial board to assess his or her fitness for each position.

Selection Process:
In deliberation, along with competition scores and response to interview questions, editors will consider work completed for JEEL by reviewing evaluations of work by editors. Grades are not a factor in the competition process. Progress on a candidate’s note will be taken into account as well as the quality and timeliness of production work. Editors consider editing ability, writing ability, attitude, diligence, and sense of responsibility when making selections for the editorial board.

A Note Regarding COVID-19: JEEL is aware that spring 2020 grades were mandatory CR/NC. JEEL is taking this into consideration during selection and has accepted grade addenda from students who wish to explain why their first semester grades do not accurately reflect their true potential and why they believe their grades would have substantially improved during spring semester.

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