Volume 8, Number 2 | Spring 2017

The George Washington University
Journal of Energy and Environmental Law

Volume 8, Number 2 | Spring 2017


By: David A. Applebaum, Todd L. Brecher, and Jeffery S. Dennis
Off the Grid: Facilitating the Acquisition of Microgrids for Military Installations to Achieve Energy Security and Sustainability
By: Tomas Joseph Alford
Conference Proceedings Report: “Transforming the U.S. Electric System: Where State and Federal Initiative Meet”
Capping the Flame: Solving North Dakota’s Natural Gas Flaring Problem
Through Cap and Trade
By: Erin Thomas 
Rain on Demand: Regulating Weather Modification Throughout the United States
By: Adriana Vélez-León
Trans-Pacific Partnership and Domestic Environmental Protection: Seeking an Alternative Standard of Review in Investor-State Dispute Settlement
By: Jingfan Wang